I have been living a rough life, being pushed in around by my mom. You think you’re folks are severe? Well you don’t know shit. I’d rather have hippy parents who enjoy life and it’s amusements.

Anyway, I would fight back, I would talk back, I’d leave but I can’t because they ARE my parents and I am 19. So here, I’m stuck living in a hell hole and I want to share. Enjoy!

At the moment, I can’t find a better word, then to say—my mom is an idiot.  We have absolutely nothing in common. I look like my dad, think like my dad. We’re practically the same person. I hug him and kiss him and tell him love him every day. Every time I see my dad I say “Daddy!” and I run up and I hug him. But I can’t remember the last time I hugged my mom or did any of that stuff. I hate her. She’s always making me do stupid things that she’s too lazy to do, like calling me from three floors up when I’m relaxing playing video games.

I’m in the normal range of weight. I only eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. My mom screams at me if I eat something sounds like “WHAT ARE YOU EATING?!?! YOU EAT ALL THE TIME , YOU’RE GONNA GET FAT!” and then something after like that, 10 minutes later, she says “Hi… wanna play scrabble?” and I’m like “Uhm, no leave me alone.” and then she accuses me of being snotty and punishes me, confiscate my phone. And curse me.

My mom’s friends are so nice to me, I wish they were my moms. She was once complaining to my sister or her friend. I’m not a bad kid but her because I don’t give a damn about her, I hate her guts. I like to be alone a lot. She always tries to start conversations with me at the worst times, like when I post this blog, now…..

Fuck you this my life this is my day-off I’ll do as I please! My God please take her away lol. Seriously I’d rather die in a tornado than be with her. Thats pretty sad.

Hate my mom so much she only talk a shit fuck. and how can I be better if you do “suudzon” things as always?!?!!!

With a burning passion, I hate you. If you find me dead say it her ok


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